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Lane End Evening Women's Institute



Welcome to Lane End Evening Women's Institute


In 2018 Lane End Evening WI celebrated our 50th anniversary. We meet on the last Monday of each month - except for Bank Holiday Mondays - in the Sycamore Room at the Village Hall in Lane End at 8 pm.


We have a speaker at most of our meetings and there is an interesting range of topics. We are involved in the local community and were instrumental in starting a breakfast club at the local school and are also part of the Emergency Planning Scheme.


Lane End Village Hall


We meet in the Sycamore Room, Lane End Village Hall, Lane End, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3EY.


We regularly get together with other WI groups in the area for group meetings which are always very enjoyable. We also join in outings organised by the Bucks Federation which has seen us on various outings including a Suffragette Walk in London, a visit to Chelsea Physic Garden, The Hindu Temple at Neasden and Laycock Abbey.


One of our more popular fund raising events is a quiz held in the Village Hall each Spring where we regularly host up to 100 WI members from the local area and a fish/chicken supper is served.


In December 2019 we enjoyed a meal at the Grouse and Ale to celebrate Christmas.


We welcome new members to our group



Programme: ... more information on the News and Events page.


 Mon 27th January 2020

 Swinging Sixties

 Mr Oakes 


 Tue 25th February 2020

 Speak up and Mind the Furniture

 Mr Jeff Rozelaar 


 Fri 13th March 2020

 Quiz Night 7:30pm



 Tue 30th March 2020

 The Honourable Honey Bee

 Miss Merier Duncan 


 Mon 27th April 2020

 Roald Dahl's War

 Graham Lawrie 


 Mon 18th May 2020

 Magic and Humour

 Mr Clive Peacock 


 Sat 13th June 2020

 Lane End Village Fete



 Mon 29th June 2020

 Rural Life in South Africa

 Miss Marcelle Siddall 


 Fri 3rd July 2020

 Group Meeting
 Flowers at Westminster Abbey

 Mrs Jane Rowton Lee 


 Mon 27th July 2020


 Mr Graham Harrison 


 Mon 24th August 2020

 Member's Evening



 Mon 28th September 2020

 Blessed are the Cheesemakers

 Mr John Pearson 


 Mon 26th October 2020

 First Responder

 Mr Phil Benton 


 Mon 30th November 2020

 Annual Meeting



 Mon 7th December 2020

 Christmas Dinner



 Tue 8th December 2020

 Christmas Tea Party



 Mon 25th January 2020

 details to come





Lane End Evening WI meet at the Village Hall (Sycamore Room), Lane End, Buckinghamshire, UK
Tel: 01494 881987    Email: enquiries@





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